Meaning the ‘water of life’, whisky has more than earned its name, as it has provided endless pleasure for people socializing while sipping its smoky amber liquid. The malt whisky version produced in Scotland is referred to as Scotch.

You can enjoy your single malt whisky as you wish but it is harder to palate, for some, neat. Blended whisky is a tad easier to drink neat. Some hardcore whisky lovers prefer to have it pure or neat with nothing according to them interfering with the taste. However, neat whisky is strong and not to everyone’s taste and despite protests from purists you can add water to your drink. It is even believed that this helps open up the flavour of the drink. However, as with most things in this world it is all about a matter of individual taste. Each one of us will find our own unique way to appreciate a drink and should adhere to what we enjoy.

Life is after all too short to be worrying about what others think of the way we enjoy our drink! With its smoky taste, whisky has to be smelt before the initial sip, to set the mood. Take in the aroma and let it get your senses tingling in anticipation of the first sip. And that is exactly what it should be: a sip. Do not gulp or glug down your whisky, instead savour each sip you take, taking time to appreciate each mouthful of amber liquid. You will actually find this therapeutic as it becomes a ritual and you will find it relaxing.

If you are new to the whole whisky experience, then try different ways of having your drink.Most do recommend avoiding it neat initially, until your palate becomes adjusted to its strong flavour. Despite protests you can even mix it with cola for a lighter drink, giving you time to appreciate the flavour of a whisky. Browse reputed whisky shops and ask for opinions as they would have a very good idea of which drinks are best and with what. Experiment, try various options, such as whether ice should be added or not. As with adding water, some believe adding ice messes the flavour of the drink while others believe it helps set the flavour. The best way is to decide for yourself which you prefer. Start experimenting and enjoying whisky as you like.For in-depth first hand advice on malt whiskies and other drinks visit Scotch-MaltWhisky.com the one stop whisky shop for the newbie and the experienced alike!